Mi Madre has always loved the idea of English High Tea, and has started incorporating it into our Christmas traditions. Ever since we lost my grandparents we have been trying a few new customs to ease the pain of missing them. It has proven difficult to not miss them, but it has been healthy to try a few new things here and there to mend our hearts and talk about the many dear memories we have. Here is a little glimpse of the deliciousness we tried for this tea. 


Chocolate chip Scones | Cheddar Chive Scones | Cranberry Orange Scones | Pimento + Olive Spread | Seafood Spread | Turkey Spread | Poor Man's Fruitcake | Raspberry Shortbread Cookies | Egg Spinach Muffins | Devonshire Cream | Variety of Crackers


White Chocolate | Peppermint | Ruby-red Cider | Youth Berry | Wild Orange Blossom