Getting out of your own way can knock the wind out of you, take your breath away and encourage those little butterflies in your belly to keep right on dancing all at the same time. You are in charge of yourself, you get to make the decisions about how your day is going to go and what you are going to do when you wake each morning.

I have realized I am capable of anything and what a wild epiphany that has been. I get to become something much bigger than myself and It is completely exhilarating to discover you are the only thing holding yourself back.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
— Marianne Williamson

The status quo is easy to maintain, just be who you were yesterday and the day before that. The truest way to live is to fight against your typical status quo, experiment and surprise yourself with thoughtful self-discovery. 


note:  Be kind during this process, you are not perfect and that is okay.

Be honest with what you see here. Address your deepest regrets head on, own the pain life has put in front of you and embrace your accomplishments.

  1. Take all of your failures into your left hand and acknowledge them, mull over them in detail one last time.
  2. Take all of your accomplishments into your right hand and observe what you did to succeed. Let go of your humility and perceive what you did to make something work. 
  3. Rub both hands together like you are applying a lotion. 

Recognize your failures and accomplishments compliment one another and could not exist without the other. We fail forward. Each failure is an accomplishment, we learn by trial and error. Failing at something 37 times instigates the first 37 steps to a success. 

Once we learn to embrace the idea that failures can serve us, we can truly propel ourselves and attitude to the next level. I consider this way of thinking fundamental in the pursuit of dreams and overall happiness.  

Our failures don't hold us back, they are merely stepping stones to our best selves. I encourage people to fail fast so they can keep momentum in their overall progression.