I will be the first to admit blogging is not my strong suit. I have extravagant dreams of free-flowing words and giddy fingers springing across my keyboard into all hours of the night, but rare is the occasion this happens.

REALITY CHECK | Social media in general is a hot mess for me sometimes. Some days I work it like the boss I am and other days I have to find the will to make a simple post on Instagram.


Finding inspiration can also be a real pain. I hope you have read my previous post, USING LIFE ESSENTIALS TO CREATE, so you can be open to your creativity. This particular post addresses the mental block we can all find ourselves in. If blogging is your thing, you probably know what I am talking about. There is an entire world of information and copious amounts of topics floating around, but for some reason we can still get stuck. I thought I would supply you with a little list of ideas to get you going:

  1. Get out and move - ideas flow when you move. 
  2. Eat something incredibly yummy and enjoyable, then share it. 
  3. Take a power nap and get back at it. 
  4. Jump on Pinterest and look at wonderful things that inspire you.
  5. Phone a friend and chat.
  6. Pick a topic you are interested in learning about. Share your discoveries.
  7. Consider what you are reading or have read recently. 
  8. Look at other bloggers or writings you are inspired or offended by. 
  9. Listen to some good tunes. Share your favorite tune with your readers.
  10. Photograph things around you, use the images and write about them. 
  11. Tell us about your latest trip or adventure. 
  12. What is a recent failure? 
  13. What is a recent triumph? 
  14. What are you interested in trying next?
  15. Talk about how what is different about you from 10 years ago. 
  16. Describe a surreal moment you have experienced. 
  17. Tell your readers about your first kiss or an awkward date story.
  18. Share your thoughts on a current event. 
  19. Open up about serious issues we are dealing with as a nation. 
  20. What are your thoughts on gun control? 
  21. Show me how to make something cool. 
  22. Share your expert skill set. Teach us how to do something within that set of skills.  
  23. Challenge yourself and then challenge your reader. 
  24. Tell us something that made you feel brave. 
  25. Tell us about an influential person in your life.
  26. Share something you don't generally talk about because it is embarrassing. 
  27. Figure out how to be funny. 
  28. Find great image and create a discussion around it. 
  29. Talk about your pet or your tiny human.
  30. Walk away for the day, get outside and come back to it later. 

BOOM!!! #getafterit