For the first few months of our lives we are perfectly content being swaddled in the arms of our mother’s, then something happens, we begin to walk and this is where things really get interesting. It is mind blowing how quickly a tiny tot can conquer the vastness of a room, scale the bookshelf and snatch that irresistible, shiny object dangling high on the wall.  We were natural explorers, treasure seekers and aww gazers who most likely preferred to do all their expeditions and plundering in the nude (you know who you are). The truth is, we are perma-seekers and the tendency to run wild and free still pitter-patters in the hearts of us all, instigating a moment we have to see more, do more and feel more. Our sense of wonder instills an inclination to experience what is around the corner, to scribble your name in the sand, and try something out of your comfort zone. It makes us run faster, climb higher, and breathe deeper; a feeling only satiated through true adventure!

Adults are just big kids who sometimes forget to be fearless, who forget to dream and have forgotten what they wanted to be when they grow up. A fond flashback of our eight year old selves, full of fascination and intrigue; I was supposed to be the first woman president and am clearly off course, but my desires changed.  One thing we can embrace from our childhood is the ability to dream freely and openly, giving life to our natural sense of wonder we keep tucked snuggly inside ourselves. 

Adults are just big kids who sometimes forget to be fearless.

Listen to the amazing words of Dallas Clayton on discovering the childlike sense of wonder that may lay dormant in us! This is truly well worth your time!