The clock is always ticking and let’s face it — no matter how much we wish we had an extra hour in our day, time is a stubborn soul. An extra hour would solve a lot of problems, but since time won’t give in, we have to rise to the occasion and use the hours we have wisely. A little food prep can save us many precious minutes down the road, minutes we can add to our workout, time with family and friends or cherished sleep.

In general, people try their hardest to eat better, but eating better requires more attention. This is why food prep can be a saving grace for those who don’t have much downtime during the week. We sing praises to the individual who decided preparing smoothies in advance was a good idea because it truly is! We would like to introduce you to the very simple Smoothie Prep Hack:

WHAT YOU NEED | Mason Jars or Freezer Bags, Knife, Cutting Board, Ingredients (see chart below for ideas)

GATHER INGREDIENTS | Check out this handy chart for ingredient ideas!

CHOP TIME | Once you have selected and acquired your ingredients, chop up larger fruits and vegetables. Most items do not need to be chopped because the blender will take care of it.

ADD INGREDIENTS TO THE MASON JAR | You are welcome to use a freezer baggie as well.

STORE MASON JARS IN FREEZER | Beware of how much freezer space you have available.

Doing the slicing and dicing once means you only have to drag everything out ONE time, YAY!! After it has had some time to freeze, pull one out and drop it straight into the blender. This would be the time to toss in your ADD-INS: Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Honey, etc.

Last, but not least, I wanted to you a share two of my fav smoothie recipes with you! Lucky You!!