Social Media platforms can be a tad on the overwhelming side. I swear there are new venues popping up every other day and deciding which is best for you can be an undertaking. The following tips are designed to make things slightly easier for you. 

When you manage a brand, a social media presence is necessary and is most likely a source of brand discovery and inquiry of your services. I definitely get inundated by social media and excessive screen exposure can cause an ample amount of frustration in my book. This frustration can cause me to take a longer hiatus from my devices than I should. It may be what is best for me, but NOT my brand. To avoid this social media melt down, I have developed a little method to address or deal with the madness and am happy to share it with you:

  1. Enjoy | Pick platforms you actually enjoy. You will be spending time there so make it a space you can get on board with and hopefully be inspired by in return. 
  2. Pick Your Platforms | Pick 3 platforms to focus your time and energy on. There are countless social spaces available and you DO NOT have to do all of them to be successful. Pick a handful and devote a specified amount of time each day to these spaces and then be done with it. Get back to life.
  3. Plan in Advance | Create a social calendar each week or even better, each month, so you are not waking up every morning and repeatedly wasting your precious time thinking about what you are going to post and where. The further in advance you can plan things the better off you will be. 
  4. Pre-load | Pre-load images to your phone the week you are posting. I call this social media inoculation, it prevents all the back and forth from computer to device each day. Pick your images every Saturday or Sunday evening for the following week, or gather 30 images you know you want to rock somehow and they will be ready for use when you see a good opportunity. Naturally, you can stray from your plan if something unexpected happens and you need to share it. This tactic will allow you to experience life vs. contemplating your next post. 
  5. Social Media Cocktail | Once you have picked your platforms I highly recommend getting to know them well enough to not overwhelm yourself or your audience. I address the perfect Social Media Cocktail in another post which you can find HERE.

Social Media is the electronic city that NEVER sleeps. Do not let social media own you, YOU OWN IT. If you remember the advice above it will hopefully simplify the task at hand for you and yours.