Guest Post | Mandy Booth a.k.a. PIGEON HOUSE DESGIN

Most social media platforms can be daunting at first, people lose initiative due to confusion and frustration. Learning to navigate a new space can be intimidating, and unfortunately most platforms do not come with an instant success button. Many people have to work hard to get where they are in these spaces, and along they way, have discovered the tricks to growth. I asked my good friend Mandy Booth, know as Pigeonh0use on Pinterest, to share some of here secrets to success. Here are Pigeonh0use's 10 Tricks to Unlocking Pinterest. 

Pin Regularly - If you pin consistently people will recognize you and your aesthetic. You can even develop personal connections with strangers who identify with your taste. 

Reply to Comments - Remember to check your notifications and stay up to date on posts and conversation threads. Comments aren't as popular on Pinterest as other social media platforms, but taking the time to communicate via comments/messages makes it a more fun and social experience. 

Personalize Pins - If you pinned a recipe or tutorial and loved it, pin it again with a description about how much you loved it and why. Things pinned with good testimonials and comments get repinned MORE! 

Pin Pretty - I only publicly pin things I find pretty. The recipe could sound amazing, but if the photo sucks, I pin it on a private board. Everything you pin is visible to followers and is a reflection of your taste and interests. Secret boards are awesome! No one needs to know you have a whole board dedicated to ugly (but delicious) desserts. 

Pin with People - Combine forces and collaborate. These are some of my favorite boards. Invite fellow pinners to participate on specific boards. This way you are getting inspiration from someone other than yourself, and you all have different followers that you now get to share things with. 

Pin to Your Strengths - If you are trying to get more followers, look at which of your boards has the strongest following. For some reason my food boards have 10,000+ more followers than any of my art boards. So when I pin, I keep in mind that people who follow me love my food pins, and I try to pin to those boards regularly. 

Follow Smart - Do not just follow everybody and their dog that is following you. I follow people I know, people who pin the coolest shit, and people who follow me that have a strong following (that also pin the coolest shit). 

Pin Actively - Do not just pin things on Pinterest. Use it for the tool it is! Pinterest really is just a fancy bookmarking site. You are pinning these things to reference. If you are on a site with an adorable jacket that has you drooling, pin it to your wish list board. I look through my boards to find things I lost on the internet all the time. Also, pin your original work too! Share blog posts, recipes, tutorials, photos, and art work. Get your name out there. People will follow you if they like what you are bringing to the table. 

Pin for Inspiration - I am constantly referring to Pinterest for inspiration. It's a visual collection of things you love! Don't pin it and forget it. Save some internet search time and use your boards as a visual catalog to store beautiful ideas. 

Share your Pins - Put your favorite pins on Facebook, blogs, etc. It is all tied together. Be sure not to overwhelm people with your pins, just highlight the most important ones to allow them to stand out.