I have recently realized I am capable of anything and what a wild epiphany that has been. I get to become something much bigger than myself and It is completely exhilarating to discover you are the only thing holding yourself back. Getting out of your own way can knock the wind out of you, take your breath away, and encourage those little butterflies in your belly to keep right on dancing all at the same time. You are in charge of yourself, you get to make the decisions about how your day is going to go, and what you are going to do when you wake each morning.

While running my own business, specializing in commercial and portrait photography, I found it was time to expand my services past photo work and embrace brand identity, marketing collateral, web development, and brand engagement. This is a true culmination of various assets I have gathered since receiving my B.F.A. at the University of Utah. I want to thoughtfully break the rules of design and push boundaries to create innovative and beautiful work. Thus, I am now the Founder and CEO of Brave Forest Creative and could not be happier about it.