Being raised in Kansas has its perks.

You're bored. A lot. And while there's always cow tipping, shooting things, or eating, those lose their zeal after a while and you have to get creative. And occasionally, you resort to the family video camera.  So, in a way, the heartland drove me to film. 

When college rolled around, I left my beloved wheat fields and miniature-horse farms for the Rocky Mountains. A couple college degrees, a few years of movie-making and VOILA! Mixtape Collective was born.

I call it Mixtape because, first of all, who doesn't love a good mixtape? It's a collection of the best of the best in one place, which is what I want my company to embody--a collaboration of the best people creating an eclectic mix of film, photography, web design and all things fun[ny] to ensure our clients reach (and impact) their target audience. From start to finish, we can concept, write, direct, shoot and edit unique videos, snap memorable photos, and create beautiful websites that will capture the essence of you, your family, your company, your project, or whatever it is you're trying to promote. 

So if we can help fulfill your film, photography or design needs, give us a shout. We take payment in the form of puppies or ugly sweaters.