"Brave Forest Creative is the genius behind my website Into The Woods Wellness. They not only created the most gorgeous site and surpassed all of my expectations, they were beyond understanding and so good at listening to what I wanted. They took not only vision, but my personality and my long term dreams and made them something visually stunning. Not only is Brave Forest amazing at their design work, they are also amazing teachers and give such easy, approachable tools in allowing their clients to take the reigns on their own dreams. I can't say enough about how phenomenal they are to work with and just how approachable they have made this whole process. Massive recommendation to anyone wanting to get their goals and dreams out there into the world."

- Rachelle Ballard | IntotheWoodsWellness

"Hired BFC for our website and business branding and we couldn't be happier with the product. We get lots of compliments from our clients and competition. Highly recommended!"


"Brave Forest designed the Sanpete Pantry website, and we get compliments all the time! Made the page a little more cheerful, and set us up to accept donations for our cause!"

 - Susan Kearney | Sanpete Pantry

"Jordan is an exceptional artist. She is not just a phenomenal photographer, she is an inspiring professional who has an amazing unique vision and voice. She is a joy to work with, and goes the extra ten miles to make sure you are just as excited about the outcome of the project as she is. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jordan and her work to anyone who is looking for their visual brand to be elevated. Her and her work are fresh, modern and fun. What a lovely brilliant person to work with."



"Jordan was instrumental in helping me get elected to a position within my national professional organization. She created a vivid and stunning email blast that captured the recipients' attention and caused the traffic to my campaign election webpage to skyrocket. Without Jordan's contribution I do not believe that I would have been elected."


"Jordan is my happiest friend, and I have lots of friends. This is what makes her excellent to work with and top that off with her creative mind and active spirit, Jordan can bring energy and talent to almost any organization."


"Working with photographer, Jordan Huntington, during the Swoob modeling shoot was the best experience working with a photographer I have had in front of a camera. My insecurities were on full display when wearing only workout pants and a sport bra, but Jordan immediately built my confidence. It felt effortless and comfortable as she guided me through transitions, expressions, and poses in the most natural ways. She made me feel empowered and beautiful. The result of the shoot far exceeded my expectations. Jordan had depicted the dynamics and emotion of the entire shoot in the most perfect photos. The experience from beginning to end could not have been better."


"Beautiful and creative work, a very talented group of people!"

- Jenny Kolb

"Extremely talented and creative, easy to work with, and I am so happy with the end results!!"

- Lorie Dunsmore